Friday, May 6, 2016

Bill register showing blank item name , rate ,Quantity

In bill register of farmer item name,quantity, rate etc are blank.
User shown that previously till a certain date it was showing these things.

Possible Solutions:
1. Go to the purchase bill check the challan by pressing F2. If there are no items the report is showing correctly.

  • You can manually add the items by pressing the Add Item button or pressing the INS key.
  • If  this is a commission type transaction and you are initiating the transaction. i.e. The farmer has come to your shop and you sold the goods to other traders. You have the item lines in F3 Tol press F3 and you will see the names of traders and items with weight and rate. There is a button at bottom of screen named 'AUTO CHALLAN' click this button it will create item viz rate viz item lines in F2 challan. i.e. Item a sold to 3 traders at same rate it will sum the weight and create a single line.
  • In above when you press the AUTO CHALLAN it says that bill is not made by us. Return back to bill and see at right top portion of screen there is a check mark as shown below. Check nark this update the bill and perform the action mentioned in previous portion

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